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Side Collision Accident Lawyer in Palmdale and Lancaster

Have you been injured in a side collision accident in Palmdale and Lancaster?

Side collision auto accidents, also known as “broadside” accidents, occur when a vehicle is impacted on its side.  Side collisions are also frequently referred to as “t-bone” accidents, as the cars make a T shape upon impact.  Because the side panel and doors of a car do not provide the same kind of shock absorption as a bumper, side collision accidents can be even more serious that front end or rear end collisions.  For the same reasons, the driver who is t-boned is often injured much more seriously than the driver of the striking vehicle, especially if their vehicle is struck on the driver’s side.  While side-impact airbags may help to reduce some of the force of a side impact collision, they do not fully prevent injury.  What’s more, many vehicles do not come equipped with side-impact airbags.  If you have been the victim of a side impact collision, contacting a Palmdale and Lancaster car accident attorney immediately will help you be informed about your legal rights and options after an accident.

Side collisions can be caused by either the t-boned vehicle or the vehicle that strikes it.  A t-bone accident often occurs when one of the drivers disregards a stop sign, runs a red light, or fails to proceed through an intersection with caution.  No matter the cause, it is important to hold a negligent driver accountable for their reckless behavior and, at the very least, seek financial compensation to help with your medical bills.

Palmdale and Lancaster Side Collision Accident Attorney

Having a team of experienced and well-informed car accident lawyers work with you after a side collision accident is critical to your financial future and your health.  The Pacific Attorney Group is a team of concerned and hard-working legal professionals who want to see you recover the maximum amount of damages for your injuries and other losses.  Side collision accidents can be devastating and even deadly, and if you have lost a loved one in a side collision accident, we will work quickly to file a wrongful death claim.  We want to give you the expert legal guidance that you deserve today. 

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