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Seatbelt Malfunctions

Palmdale and Lancaster Seatbelt Malfunction Attorney

Injured due to a seatbelt malfunction in Palmdale and Lancaster?

Seatbelts help save thousands of lives each year by protecting those involved in auto accidents, and widening state laws mandating seatbelt use are no doubt
a positive move toward safer driving conditions.  Still, many people are unaware of the dangers posed by seatbelts.  Often, manufacturers include
faulty seatbelts in their automobiles, or their standard seatbelts contain significant design flaws. This is made apparent by the thousands of cars that
have been recalled over the past decade due to seatbelt concerns.  A malfunctioning seatbelt can cause catastrophic harm to car accident victims and
can even result in death.  If you have been injured due to a seatbelt malfunction or you have lost a loved one due to seatbelt malfunction, your best
option is to contact a Palmdale and Lancaster car accident lawyer right way to assist you in seeking damages for your
injuries and other losses.

Seat belt malfunctions can cause a variety of different injuries.  A malfunctioning seatbelt raises the likelihood of ejection from a vehicle during
an accident and can result in a driver being subjected to a secondary impact during an accident.  That is, after the initial impact of a collision, the
driver may be thrown against the windshield or interior of the car or against the seatbelt itself if it is too loose. Unfortunately, wearing a malfunctioning
or faulty seatbelt can be even more dangerous than not wearing one at all.

Seatbelt Malfunction Lawyer in Palmdale and Lancaster 

It is very important to obtain a strong and dependable legal team if you have been injured due to a seatbelt malfunction or if you have lost a loved one in a
seatbelt malfunction accident.  The Pacific Attorney Group is an experienced and knowledgeable team of lawyers who want to assist you with getting the
compensation you deserve to help with your medical bills and to alleviate some of your pain and suffering.  In order to make automobiles safer for everyone,
holding negligent auto manufacturers accountable for poor seatbelt design is absolutely essential.  We want to guide you through every step of the legal
process and help you get your life back on track after a seatbelt malfunction accident.

Don’t wait to contact our legal team about your seatbelt malfunction case.  

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