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Head on Collisions

Palmdale and Lancaster Head-On Accident Lawyer

If you were involved in a head-on collision in Palmdale or Lancaster and you are looking to work with a lawyer who can help with your insurance claim or lawsuit related to this incident, you have come to the right place. A car accident attorney at Pacific Attorney Group can talk to you about the circumstances of your accident and what can be done to represent your interests in order to recover the money you need.

Why Head-On Collisions Are Serious

Of all the types of car accidents, those that involve head-on collisions are often among the most serious. In a head-on accident, the front ends of the vehicles involved will collide with one another. When two vehicles travelling in opposite directions collide, the force of impact will equal the combined force of both vehicles. As an example, vehicle A may be travelling 30 miles per hour toward vehicle B, which is travelling 40 miles per hour. The resulting collision would have the force of 70 miles per hour.
In addition to the force of the collision being so great, the parties involved in a Palmdale or Lancaster head-on collision will be at risk of injury because the front ends of both vehicles will be most damaged. This is where the driver will be located, and at times the front end of a vehicle may simply collapse on itself if the collision is forceful enough. Even with airbags and a generally crashworthy vehicle, the driver or front seat passenger may
sustain catastrophic injuries.

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