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Car vs Car Accidents

About Car vs. Car Accidents

A car accident that involves another car may be referred to as a car vs. car accident. In these situations, either party may be at fault and may sustain serious injuries. It will be necessary to establish who caused the accident in order to resolve an insurance claim or lawsuit related to the car accident, and this is one of many ways that a competent car accident lawyer can help.
Our firm helps victims of car versus car accidents throughout Palmdale and Lancaster. We offer dedicated legal counsel and personal client service for car accident victims in order to help them resolve these matters and recover the full financial compensation they deserve for physical injuries, damage to their vehicles, emotional trauma, lost earnings, and possibly more.

When we handle a car versus car accident claim, our legal team provides various important services to our client. This may include:

  • Fully investigating the cause of your car accident, including involving accident reconstruction specialists to recreate the accident and establish what caused the accident in the first place.
  • Working with medical professionals, economists and psychologists to evaluate what your claim may be worth, including the extent of medical expenses as well as the financial and psychological impact that your injuries may have on you and your family.
  • Properly filing your insurance claim and handling any negotiations with the insurance company that may arise when working toward a fair settlement on your behalf.
  • Taking your Lancaster or Palmdale car versus car accident case to civil court to be resolved in front of a judge if an agreement cannot be reached outside of the courtroom.
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