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Car vs Bicycle Accidents

Palmdale Car Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Car Accident Attorney

Were you involved in a car versus bicycle accident in the Palmdale or Lancaster areas? You may have sustained serious
injuries and may now be dealing with the necessity of handling an insurance claim or lawsuit related to the incident. In situations such as this,
it is important that you consider involving an attorney to represent your rights and interests. At Pacific Attorney Group, we represent clients
who have been injured in car accidents of any kind, including those that involve collisions with bicycle riders.

About Lancaster and Palmdale Car-Bicycle Accidents

A car accident that involves a bicyclist is more likely to cause serious injury than an accident between two cars. This is because the bicycle rider
is virtually unprotected in the event of a collision between a much larger and heavier motor vehicle. Even when wearing a safety helmet, the rider of
the bicycle may suffer from head trauma, spinal cord or neck injury, damaged internal organs, serious lacerations, multiple
broken bones, and more.

Due to the catastrophic nature of injuries that may be sustained in a car-bicycle accident in Lancaster or Palmdale, it is important that you consider
involving an attorney to handle your case. A car accident lawyer can get involved and begin representing your rights
and interests in order to help you seek a positive resolution to your case, whether this is achieved in negotiating with the insurance company or
if your case must be taken to civil court to be resolved.

Your initial consultation is free, and we offer our legal services on a contingency fee basis, meaning you pay nothing unless we win your case.

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