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Bad Faith Insurance Claims

Palmdale Bad Faith Insurance Claims Lawyer

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Insurance companies make a contract with their customers when they take an insurance policy out for car accidents.  Customers expect their policy will cover those things stated in their policy and they have a right to be paid for those losses that fall under the policy coverages.  Unfortunately, this does not always occur.  Many instances have occurred when an insurance company fails to pay a valid claim on a policy, finding some obscure reasoning in order to either delay payment, reduce payment or deny payment altogether.  If you feel this has happened to you in your dealings with your insurance company, contact a Palmdale & Lancaster car accident attorney who can review your policy and the facts of your claim in order to determine whether bad faith has occurred on the part of your insurer.
Your insurer is required by law to abide by the coverage outlined in your insurance policy.  When they fail to do so, they can be sued for bad faith.  Instances of this occurring include denial of payment on bodily injury claims for uninsured motorist claims, underpayment of property damage claims, delay in settling a claim for no valid reason, lowball offers for your personal injury claims, and others.

Protecting Your Rights

California law is quite strict when it comes to insurance company malfeasance.  When an insurer fails to meet their obligation to their insured, steep penalties are levied against them by the Department of Insurance.  Our firm at the Pacific Attorney Group is also knowledgeable in pursuing compensation for your bad faith claim.  In addition to what you should have received for the claim that was denied or delayed, you can obtain additional compensation for the bad faith.  Find out more about your rights in this matter by contacting our office today.

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